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Management Game / Economy Simulation

Lead a startup for virtual reality worlds and holograms. Create a new tech giant. Bring VR experiences to market which feel like real life. And produce holograms that you can interact with like real people, without noticing much difference.

Holo Manager areas/screens


At the beginning of a game you can choose between three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. The current game can also be restarted here.


From here you can get to all areas like VR or innovations.

Virtual Reality

Here you develop new VR games and improve them to a higher and higher level. The higher the level, the more you earn.


There are only four types of holograms, coaches, friends for fun and games (mates), service people who clean up or cut hair, and party crowds. They fill every small event and bring fun over the whole apartment.


Here we explore new technologies. This gives you a sense of speed in games, and you can feel the strokes of a sword or the touch of lips in romantic situations. Holograms develop body heat or can carry things. If you accidentally fall in love with them, their gaze creates a magnetic attraction, at least when they unleash all their technical potential.

In addition, the AI is improved here and the server hardware is expanded.


Here you can work with your team and earn some extra money. The amount depends on the sales numbers and how well or error-free you work. In the three mini-games, intelligence, concentration and a good memory are the most important factors.


This is the area where management decisions are made. You can take out loans of different amounts, make relatively risky speculations and trade your company shares. They increase with the amount of sales and the size of the company. It is always traded 10% at a time and transaction costs are added.

Marketing is also managed here.

First option: increase sales by 25% for a limited time.

Second option: Improve the brand image permanently, which also increases sales.


When improving the products, the income increases every ten levels (10, 20, 30 ...) a little more than usual. There is a small bonus at that point.

At some point, a product cannot be upgraded any further. Then you first have to explore the holo or VR technology in innovations.

Once you reach level 120, you can remaster a holo or game. This will raise it to a new tier. However, the level is reset to 1, which reduces the revenue for the moment. However, the product has more potential and after a few upgrades it will yield more than before. You can remaster up to four times.

Innovations and their costs

If a technical advancement is implemented, the fixed operating costs, which are deducted from the revenue every round, increase in addition to the one-time expenses. Only for the improvement of AI you pay a one-time price. But this also requires server capacities, which cause permanent costs.

An expansion of the servers is also necessary to raise the VR suit or the holograms to a higher level.

Company shares

The purchase and sale of company shares causes transaction costs. In addition, one has to distribute a limited part of the revenue to the investors, which has an immediate effect on the income. However, costs and losses are also shared by the investors. Especially if there is a high proportion of outside capital, this can lead to a higher increase in operating costs being shown for an upcoming innovation than is actually deducted. This is because the investors have to bear part of it.

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